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  • I’m having trouble using the Auto Shutoff Comments plugin found here. I installed it and everything seems to be working fine, except that I set the “$age_cutoff” to 10 days and the plugin is shutting off comments at 6 days.
    When I originally installed the plugin I had set it to 6 days, but then decided that all the posts displayed on the front page should be open to comments. But even though I’ve changed the day number, the file is not reflecting that change. Any ideas why? I’ve tried deactivating, then re-activating the plugin to see if that helped, but it didn’t. 🙁
    I’m pretty clueless with PHP so any help would be very much appreciated!
    – Kestrel

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  • Incidentally, even if I delete the plugin the comments are still closed after 6 days. What is going on? I’m so confused.

    The plugin actually changes the status of the post, as to whether the post will accept comments or not. It probably set all posts older than 6 days to “comments closed”. Now when you changed the options and made it close posts older than 10 days, the plugin might not go and change the posts immediately, but from this point on, it will only mark ten day old posts…
    Contact the plugin author and let her/him know that the plugin should update the db tables so that the change you want to happen occurs as soon as you change the option.

    Ah thank you! That makes sense. 🙂



    I’m a very newbie with plugins and wordpress… and maybe some of you will laugh at my question, but nevermind the hundreds of “phentermine” comments on my blog are turning me crazy
    I’m trying to automatically shut off the comments on my blogs, so I found this “plugin” and I want to install it.
    But when it comes to plugins usually I download a file and install it, while here there is no file to download, only a few lines of code.
    And I really dont understand what to do with it ?????
    Is there no file to download and put in the wp-content/plugins folder ?
    Where am I supposed to put this code ????
    I hope someone will help me



    I’m using WpBlacklist to deal with the Phentermine idiot, but to answer your question, copy everything from the opening <php to the closing tag and paste it into your preferred text editor. Save it as a new .php file, then upload to your plugins folder. It should then be available to activate….



    I uploaded and activated the plugin and at first it looked like it didn’t do anything at all. Now, a couple of days later, I see where September and August are no longer links in my Archive links. And, the posts are labeled “private” in the admin panel.
    I’m making a huge leap here and thinking that is what it is supposed to do. If it is, I’m not sure that is exactly what I was wanting to do.
    I’d still like the old posts to be viewable by readers, just not open for comments. To deter the poker and phentermine spammers. I thought phentermine was illegal anyway…maybe that was fenphen?
    I digress…
    So, best way, if any to allow old posts to be seen but comments turned off ?




    Uhhhh…. no… that’s NOT what it’s supposed to do. It’s supposed to close comments, but not make them private…. something has gone wonky there.



    Hey TG –
    I think the problem might be that I used the plugin on the Wiki which was modified by David Ky which is located here:
    I think the one that most are using and that I want is the original one by Scott Hanson located here:
    Is that right?



    I just realized looking at my own links what I did. LOL. The first is closing posts…which is what it did.
    The second is the comments close, which is what I want.

    Anyone know a quick fix to make posts commentable again once the plugin is deactived?

    Anyone? anyone at all? 😉

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Quick fix ? That would have to be something written in SQL
    Otherwise, it’s using phpmyadmin and going through posts changing the closed variable to open.

    heehee… okay, that’s what I thought the fix would be. 😉
    many thanks, podz 🙂

    I have a more basic question: how/where do you “install” the code? Does it get added to one of the existing files, or should one save it as a new file?

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