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  1. jaseone
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Just noticed that Gmail has a new feature where it auto-saves your drafts:


    I'm guessing the way they do it is have a hidden iframe that contains the fields that the visible compose email form has and every X minutes it copies from the visible to the hidden and then submits the form from the hidden iframe, saving the draft without refreshing the page or disrupting the user.

    Anyone feel like trying to do something similar with WP? I'll think on it during the day and see if I can do anything tonight with it.

  2. Mark (podz)
    Support Maven
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I believe this auto-save was rolled into the core at one point but then rolled back out - this was sometime in 1.5.x

    No idea what's in the latest as I've not played with it recently.

  3. Joshua Sigar
    Posted 10 years ago #

  4. jaseone
    Posted 10 years ago #

    That is nifty but doesn't really help someone who uses multiple computers throughout the day like me, I'll have to test the Google method to see if it is AJAX or if it just writes to the cookie.

    Isn't there a limit on the size of a cookie as well that could cause problems?

  5. Joshua Sigar
    Posted 10 years ago #

    When the plugin fails, "Save as draft" feature comes to the rescue. ;)

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