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  • First of all thanks for this great theme(Montezuma!) and sorry for my bad English.

    I’ve notice that when I insert an image on a page, the theme automatically resize the image on a fixed size and I cannot adjust the image according to the page.

    Where am I wrong? Please help.

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  • Can you post the URL of the page where the image size is incorrect?

    Are you referring to the home page or the actual post page? The home page displays post thumbnails which are shallow by default. There are ways to change this. The images inside a post’s page, though, should be the size that you give it when you do the insert.

    Thanks for answering: I’m referring both cases

    1) The “info” page of my site is:
    And, as you can notice, the second image should be the same size as the one above: on the contrary It has a smaller size.

    2) Even in this page the problem is the same:

    3) Then I would like to put a “resized” image on the home page too.

    Thanks for your answer.
    Miccio. From Italy.

    Are you inserting the image by clicking on the Add Media button? When you do so, and when you click on a picture to insert, a drop down list on the right asks which Size you want to insert. It looks like for both of those images, you picked Medium. Try picking the Large size instead, or Full Size if you need something bigger.

    Thanks a lot for your answer! I’m a newbie in WordPress, and that was a banal check I’ve should have done before posting.

    Now I can have bigger images, but It seems they remain the bigger size in any case of resizing. I’m not sure: I’ll try again later. Almost the opposite fact of the one I told you before. But It’s good now. For now, I’m satisfied.

    Thanks again.
    Have a good day.

    I am having the same problem and I think he needs a little help explaining it. When I add media and insert an image, if I use the thumbnail selection from the drop down menu before inserting it into the post, it crops the width, so to remedy this, I choose the medium size which does not change the height/width ratio, then I click on the image in the post so there is the marquee, or squares around it to drag it larger or smaller.

    I hold my shift button down and re-size the image , say to 150 height without loosing my width ration and save the page.

    the issue is when I view that page, even though in firebug is says its the correct new width, it isnt, it shows on the page as the medium or original size, the re-size does not reflect on the front end, something is wrong with the way it is showing images placed in a page.

    Is that a better way of explaining it?

    look at this page:

    and look at it in firebug, you will see that the dimensions for the larger inserted images are not the same as they are showing on the page. in the dashboard page WYSIWYG editor, the image is smaller, much smaller than it shows on the front.


    Roz, I see what you mean. Can you try something? Edit that page from the Text editor instead of the Visual editor, and for the Texas Coffee Trader image, try changing this:

    <img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-85 colorbox-72" alt="TCGT_07_OVAL_LOGO_color_p01" src="" width="151" height="139" />

    To this:

    <img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-85 colorbox-72" alt="TCGT_07_OVAL_LOGO_color_p01" src="" style="width:151px;height:139px;" />

    (the difference is at the end, in case you can’t see it; it consists of changing the width and height attributes into a style attribute).

    I think a bigger problem with your site, though, is the way your navigation menu wraps in a way that the first four menu items are cut off at the top.

    I will try that thanks but it wont solve the problem for an end user who will ultimately be updating it when Im done.

    Yeah the header nav, its part of the template the client liked, its not a bad template but it has its issues, Im gonna strip out the top nav completely, put a banner space there, then add a new nav via a widget or something, havent got there yet.

    thanks for the tip! But Im thinking this is a bug, I was hoping to find a fix for it as opposed to a workaround

    Ah, end user updating, that’s why you’re editing with the Visual editor. OK, two suggestions, then:

    1. Resize the image to the dimensions you want before uploading. You can use IrfanView, which is a free image viewer that is easy to use for resizing images.
    2. Comment out height: auto; for the img selector in content.css. I don’t know how this will affect your other images, but it seemed to allow images in my test posts to appear the same size as in my resized images in the Visual editor.

    How to remove the featured images on the post.

    i would like to remove the featured image because it is not looking good.

    Please help me !

    website :

    @arokialist, that site isn’t using the Montezuma theme, it’s using Magazino. You should ask your question on their support page.

    No Sir ( CrouchingBruin ), we are using the Montezuma theme only once please check and we have two issues :

    1. We are unable to change the sizes of widget bar, it not looking good.
    link :
    2. we dont want to give featured image in the posts as it is not looking good for some posts.
    link :

    Thanking you.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    You can create your own thread to discuss your own issue.

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