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    Is there a way the featured image be automatically resized to the the slider width to fit at least with the width? It’s a problem when an image uploaded is a bit smaller, it will just show in the top left side and black screen. I don’t having the clipped or cropped as long as fitted in the slider, this will also have a dramatic effect in the output.

    I have “Use WordPress registered image sizes” selected and created my desired custom image size but this doesn’t help.

    Please help, I think this is needed feature.


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  • Plugin Author Constantin Boiangiu


    I don’t think I quite get it. We made the custom image size in slideshow settings exactly for this purpose. If you set the slideshow size to be fixed, not percentual, simply enter the same size in custom image size settings. If it’s a percent, unfortunately, it needs a little bit more work, meaning you have to determine the full size the slideshow can have inside the container you put it in and use that as width. Hope I got this right, if not, please provide more details, if there’s any suitable solution for this, I’ll be happy to implement it.

    Hi Constantin,

    Thank you so much for the response.

    In the slider settings I have the following settings…
    Slider size: Width: 600 Height: 300

    In the Use custom image size under image section: 600 Height: 300

    Whenever I upload a featured image that is wider than 600 it will automatically fit it to 600 but whenever I upload anything smaller than the 600 width it doesn’t scale to 600.

    Can that be fixed?

    Plugin Author Constantin Boiangiu


    If image size is smaller than 600 than no resize is necessary. I understand the fact that the image won’t cover the whole slideshow but resizing that smaller image to a bigger width/height will break the image which will lead to a whole new problem (and probably many support tickets). I’m sorry to say but the only solution for this problem is to use images that can be at least downsized if they don’t have the correct size.

    Hi contantin,

    Thanks for your response.
    I understand your concern if you are to implement the said feature.

    But this can be an optional setting per slider?

    What I would ask at least is have the small images to center horizontally and vertically to at least show small images with a bit of art.

    Thank you very much.

    Plugin Author Constantin Boiangiu


    To center images please do the following:

    1. I assume you use Smoke, it’s the only Lite theme that uses images as backgrounds. Please open the theme folder and edit file display.php. The file is inside the plugin folder in folder themes/smoke.

    2. Locate in file this function

    <?php the_fa_background(); ?>

    3. Modify the function call to this:

    <?php the_fa_background( true, 'center center' ); ?>

    As a note, the function takes several parameters, here they are:

    the_fa_background($show_image = true, $position = 'top left', $repeat = 'no-repeat', $echo = true )

    – $show_image is used in themes that don’t display images as backgrounds but they need to display the background color set by the user in slideshow options;
    – $position is the background image position;
    – $repeat is for background image repeat;
    – $echo will output the image or just return the HTML for it.

    Hope this helps. Regarding the other option, to magnify images, I really doubt it will ever be implemented, it isn’t a good idea at all to manipulate images that way.

    Hi constantin,

    Thanks for the detailed response, I have now applied it and very happy with the result! I wish I knew about this earlier. 🙂

    Thanks also for implementing the image scale down feature, I remember asking this feature in your website support forum before, thanks for hearing.

    I also concur with you on not blowing up the images, it is indeed better to have the image on its original size. Just asked this because I though I am stucked with the top-left for small images. 🙂

    Thanks for the info too for other parameters.
    Last question… yes I am using smoke, is this modification not going to be replaced in the future updates?

    Thanks a lot and more power!

    Plugin Author Constantin Boiangiu


    Sorry for the (very) late reply, somehow I missed your last questions.

    You could store the slideshow themes in another folder outside the plugin folder. See Settings page in plugin menu, at the bottom, it details how to move the themes into a safe location. If you have trouble doing this, let me know.

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