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    Hi, how can I make it so that the page would be auto-refreshed after the user has logged in successfully?

    Right now, when the user inputs username and password, it just shows “login successfully” then done. The main page is still the same with only a LOGIN button showing that the user hasnt’t logged in yet.

    The LOGOUT | View Admin button only appears when I press F5 (refresh the page) or move to the next page.

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  • Plugin Author Cole Geissinger


    The plugin should be redirecting you to the home page by default and can be overwritten in the PHP script or the widget.

    What option are you using to add the login window?

    Thanks for replying,

    I’m using PHP script to add it into the page. I also set up a redirect link (for logout though). However, the thing I’m having trouble with is the login.

    When I login, although it says “login successful”, the login button doesn’t change (to LOGOUT) or indicate that I have logged in (no WP dashboard). I need to refresh/reload the page to see my dashboard, LOGOUT button, View Admin button and etc.

    Plugin Author Cole Geissinger


    I’m unable to duplicate this issue. Logging in on all of my tests the page will auto refresh on login. There may be some instances that your internet is hanging and is taking a while for refresh.

    Can you provide more information such as browser & version and your OS? I’d like to replicate your setup as much as I can to test further.

    I tried with chrome and firefox. They are all the same, sometimes they auto-refresh the page, sometimes they don’t

    I’m using W3TC cache and cloudfare.

    For W3TC cache: I’m using page cache, browser cache.
    For Cloudfare: everything is low, cache: aggressive, minify all (js/css/html)

    I am having the same issue. The page does not refresh after login. I have used chrome, firefox, and safari to test.

    Jared Ch


    I”m having the same problem as well on all major desktop browsers with win7. Using the following in the header:

    <?php add_modal_login_button( $login_text = 'Login', $logout_text = 'Logout', $logout_url = '', $show_admin = false ); ?>

    The page does not refresh after logged in, I have to refresh manually to see the update. So far I’ve tried deactivating various plugins and defaulting back to the parent theme’s functions file, but I haven’t been able to phase it.

    Just to follow up — It looks like there could be some other cache issues happening. Not specifically with this plugin since other modal login plugins are behaving the same way by not refreshing the page after logging in.

    Have the same problem too.
    OS – Ubuntu 13.04.
    browser – FF 23.0, Chrome – 29.0.1547.65.

    This is probably not an issue related to the plugin but to browser caching. I built my own modal login and found out that the login/logout status is not updating in Chrome unless I clear the browser cache (F5).
    Will look into it some more.

    Use the Sky Login Redirect plugin to keep you on the page you log-in on.

    Hope this helps guys. If any of you know how to change the registration link, that’s my problem:

    Please help me out in return!

    Hi Blakelock… A modal is supposed to do that.
    It’s a caching issue in my case so it would not make any difference to have an extra redirect added.
    It’s also a bad habit to fix an issue with a plugin.
    In my case I checked what might cause this behavior and found W3TC Browser cache: Expires header and Control header were causing this issue. Disabling them for CSS/JS and HTML solved the it.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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