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  • Two issues:
    1. Despite my settings, the vast majority of my 404s are not getting auto-redirects created for them nor does the 404 page ever have other page/post/category/tag suggestions.

    2. Is there no way to batch redirect many 404 URLs at once? Do I have to manually edit each one to redirect to a different url?
    I want to select 10+ urls which no longer exist and make them all redirect to the same url. These are expired job listings, and I want to make them all redirect to the main job listing page. People often access these links from other websites, so once the page is taken down because the job is filled, the pages sometimes continue to get hits.
    The other issue is, if the job position comes open again, then the page goes back up and the redirect is no longer necessary. The plugin description made it sounds like it is able to detect this and you don’t have to manually remove the redirect? True or not?


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  • StanfordAlan


    I can’t answer your questions, but I will tell you that there’s no current method to batch handle 404s in this plugin. You’re not missing it.

    I need it too, mostly for spammers though, who I send to the FBI’s cyber crime division’s homepage. One site had more than 1,000 404 errors because of these. Cleaning through them took me quite a long time because of the lack of a bulk editor.

    I have more than 250 redirects set up in this plugin already. So, I hate to leave it, but I’m also on the lookout for a better option. If you find one, can you please reply and tell me?


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