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  • I’ve tried searching here and google and have yet to find what I’m looking for.

    I’m in need of a plugin (which with guidance, I could volunteer to make if it doesn’t exist) where scheduled posts are assessed as a “pool” or “queue” of posts regardless of their actual scheduled post time. The plugin would then post the oldest scheduled post out of the pool every x number of hours.

    Or put concisely: The plugin would auto queue all scheduled posts and pushes out one every x hours.

    The point of this is to keep posts coming at a consistent schedule without having to remember and think back to when you’ve scheduled other posts and having to do the math and figure out when you schedule the next post.

    So would something like this be possible? Thanks!

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  • Any progress on this front? I think it is a great idea! I would love to see the following…

      – User configurable time slots
      – Dashboard display of the queue and upcoming release schedule
      – The ability to queue a post when creating it by adding Queue to the Draft, Pending Review, Scheduled, Published list
      – A Priority setting (High, Low) that determines which posts in the queue get scheduled first
      – The ability to manually adjust the queue

    Anyone want to tackle this?

    The time-release has related functionality, and it may be possible to modify it to meet your needs (at least the initial basic ones).

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