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  • Hello there,

    since WP 5.5 there is the feature of automatic plugin and theme updates. These automatic updates are performed only twice a day.

    My question would be if there is any filter, action, setting in wp-config.php or something like this that would let plugin updates perform instantly as soon as the update is available.

    Many thanks in advance for your answer,

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  • That idea sounds dangerous to me!

    It would also require the ‘twice daily’ checks to run almost continuously…

    Have you ever hit the update button for two or three updates and noticed another update added when the update runs? And the site needs to go into maintenance for a few moments while updates run – that’s downtime!

    Imagine that happening almost continuously for several hours… not good.

    For site owners who spend time in their sites almost daily…

    I usually run with all updates disabled and I’ve installed the ‘Wapuu Dashboard Pet’…

    The Wapuu shows various levels of ‘discomfort’ depending on the severity and number of updates ready for install. That puts the administrators in charge of when and where the updates get run.

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    yes there you are right. Of course the checks cannot run continuously and therefore the updates cannot always take place instantly.

    But I see the case, that automatic updates are shown as “scheduled in two hours” or so. So apparently WordPress already knows that they are there. The question would be if there is no possibilty to let WordPress install at least these updates as soon as it gets to know about it.


    I don’t know of any plugin to change a scheduled ‘event’ or task except for WP-crontrol

    Possibly a look at that code might suggest a function that could be added to a mu-plugin to re-schedule a task to ‘immediately’…

    I imagine once an update is known to your install(s) then it will also show on an updates page. I’ve never had a reason to look at that code before…

    I do wonder how that is handled at someplace like WordPress dot com… That would be a good place to look for some ‘best practices’.

    There are also several remote admin plugins that might assist you with that task if you have multiple sites to worry about…

    Hope something here helps you.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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