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  1. bethelgorse
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi WP Crew,
    A quick one but rather confusing.

    After making some edits to a post, I was getting comments showing up on each of the posts I edited, all from the same I.P and then I got emails notifying that I have pingbacks waiting for my approval, the email goes like this:

    A new pingback on the post "(Postname)" is waiting for your approval

    Website : (example - changed for security) (IP: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx , somewhereontheweb.com) < I.P is the same on every pingback I have and the website mentioned here is where my website is hosted!
    URL : http://www.somewhereontheweb.com (example - changed for security)
    Pingback excerpt:
    [...] (postname) - (example - changed for security) [...]

    What is causing this? I've edited other posts that I created a few days back and they didnt create ping backs. And I've done previous edits to the same posts that I am originally referring to with no pingbacks created at all?!


  2. bethelgorse
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I've turned off pingback in Settings > Discussion but just after why this is happening.

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