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    I was recently looking at perf optimizatio and noticed that auto optimize had added an entry in wp_options autoptimize_ccss_queue which was almost 5MB and auto-loaded.

    It did not get removed when I selected clear cache from within auto optimize settings, and manually deleting it resulted in PHP time spent to respond to requests dropping by 50% (as measured by new relic). As you know, large wp_options can be a cause of significant slowdown in WordPress.

    Curious, what is this setting in wp_options, why is it autoloaded, why does it grow so big, and why isn’t it removed with the clear cache?


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    that’s part of the critical css power-up which you must have had active at a certain point Vanessa, it’s the queue of to be executed jobs for critical CSS creation. don’t know when you installed and removed it, but the more recent versions have logic to clean that up on a daily basis, removing jobs that are irrelevant. when disabling critical css this _should_ have been deleted though (as per the code).

    But indeed this option should _not_ be autoloaded, I’ll make the appropriate changes there!

    kind regards,

    Awesome, thanks for your fast reply Frank.

    I think I may have another problem on one of my sites where critical css isn’t generated correctly (I only have a single forum topic that sits in the queue as ‘new’ forever, and critical css never seems to generate any rules.

    Is there a way to understand why it’s not being sent and rules created?
    on critical css site I don’t see requests going through. Have tried resaving API key (says is Valid), but still no luck.

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    can you enable debug logging (under AO CCSS advanced settings) on that site and share the site’s URL so I can have a look?

    Will do, is there a way to share sensitive details with you (like site url) privately?

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    sure, you can mail me at futtta-at-gmail-dot-com 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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