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    Dear MailPoet support, dear forum participants,

    we installed MailPoet on a clients blog(German) to notify subscribers of new posts so they can participate.

    The blog is a so called LiveBook where the author and all readers contribute to a work that gets printed after a few months.

    So it’s important the subscribers get notified every single time a new blog post is published.

    At first it worked like a charm. We also successfully used the cron job.

    But when we canceled a newsletter sending (and deleted it) because we wanted to plan a post to be published a few days later it didn’t cue up the newsletter again.

    I suspected it got indexed somewhere by ID.

    But when we duplicated this certain post the duplicate didn’t get a cue in MailPoet either.
    Also changing the title, slug and content didn’t help.

    All new posts that got created from scratch cue up properly in MailPoet.

    I tested this issue on a clone of the live system. I created and planned posts with :

    • just plain text
    • page builder layout elements and images
    • theme page builder specific headlines (the moving ones with the changing part)

    All of those got cued up and sent as expected. A few seconds after they got published a received the newsletter mail in my inbox. Only posts (and duplicates of those) that where cued up but where canceled before sending don’t trigger the auto newsletter anymore.

    Configuration and environment

    Theme: Enfold – Version: 3.8 (with child theme)

    • Antispam Bee
    • Duplicate Page
    • English WordPress Admin
    • Flexible Posts Widget
    • MailPoet Newsletters (obviously.. *grin*)
    • wBounce

    How can we solve this issue?

    Best wishes


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  • Hi,

    MailPoet doesn’t send duplicated content, so only new posts will be added to a newsletter.

    Can you please follow these steps:

    1) Create a new automatic newsletter from scratch, do not duplicate it.
    2) Create a new post, again, don’t duplicate it.

    See if the automatic newsletter grabs the post.

    Let us know the results.

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    thank you for your answer.

    In the meantime we found the problem:
    We added a post category and published a post for it. But the automatic newsletter wasn’t configured for this.

    I hope this helps anyone who is just as blind as we are 😉

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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