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Auto new line problem in caption while update

  • EOSlover


    The problem is persistent. I have opened a support ticket 6 days ago and I still haven’t got a reply.

    Plugin author did however post a “paid support available” topic on the support board just recently.

    If someone, that doesn’t know anything about IT would look at this he would see someone that is exploiting good will of WordPress community. Creating a buggy plugin only to charge for support.

    Just 12 hours after writing my review the author has fixed the new line problem. THANK YOU!

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  • Plugin Author Jonathan Christopher


    Six days for an open source project is not long at all. I contribute to this plugin for free and offer priority support so as to offset the cost of taking time away from my paying job and my family.

    The ‘paid support available’ thread you’re referencing was posted over two months ago, which in turn is over six months after the HUGE update Attachments received when 3.5 came out.

    I have absolutely no idea what you mean in your last paragraph, but to say that I’m exploiting the good will of the WordPress community is insulting.

    Plugin Author Jonathan Christopher


    This issue was fixed in 3.5.2, hopefully you’ll be able to swing back and update your rating accordingly.

    Plugin Author Jonathan Christopher


    I very much appreciate you taking the time to revise your review, but I hope leaving 1 star reviews due to small bugs like this isn’t a habit. It’s very discouraging for plugin authors to be publicly berated in that way.

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