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  • Hi,
    I’ve seen the end result of this, but can’t figure it myself.
    Searching forums helped a little but not completely – so I’m asking here 🙂

    I have several pages which each take different rss feeds from a popular auction site. The link on the page for the item shows in the status bar as ‘www.auctionsite…..’, not http://www.mysite...
    I have seen the same type of rss list on another site where the link displays the rss items title (+.html) in the status bar, on all links to do with that single item, but on clicking you are taken to the auction site.

    Using Java to hide status bar links is frowned upon by search engies because of years of spam sites doing it but I’m sure the site I’ve seen is using plugins/hacks to do it.

    There are plugins to hand code each one but my site lists hundreds of niche products changing every time you open the page, so this has to be automatic.
    I’ve tried installing feedwordpress which puts each item from the feed into a post, it also allows you to keep the original outbound link or change to an internal link, but what I need is the look of the internal link but the end result of the outbound link.
    I’ve also considered Simple urls, Redirection and other plugins but none seemed to do the job I’m after.

    Any suggestions or plugins I should revisit?

    Much appreciated!

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