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  1. Kartch
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hello all,
    I have found a lot of plugins that allow content sharing when using multisite wordpress. I am using my main page as a "portal" site for all my subsites. All the plugins I have looked at and are using so far duplicate the content into the portal site.

    What I would really like to do is not copy the content over but automatically create a link to the original post in a subsite on the main portal page. This way there is not duplication of content and the subsites are actually visited when somebody clicks "read more" on the main page.

    I hope this makes sense, if not I will try to clarify.
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  2. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-mu-sitewide-tags/ can do that :) It will copy over the excerpt (if you use that) but all links will kick back to the correct subsite, thus avoiding the dread 'duplicate content penalty.'

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