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  • hongpong



    While this plugin produces quite exactly the markup I’m looking for I wanted to note a discovery I found when profiling the site on newrelic. It is in the top 3 for causing PHP activity which I didn’t expect since it is really only affecting a small number of pages (and unlike the heavier ones it’s not ‘obviously heavy’).

    I think I can simply do the limited amount of content by hand at this point but figured I should mention the issue and maybe see what could be improved if possible.

    My current settings are:
    hyperlink email address
    strip URI scheme
    open auto hyperlinked links in new window
    require explicit uri scheme
    hyperlink mode/truncation: 35
    text to show before link truncation: (none)
    after link truncation: …
    extra domain extensions: (none)
    exclude domains: (none)

    Thank you!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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