• I haven’t installed this yet… But I’m considering it. Before I do, however, can someone give me an idea of the workflow of creating a new page per gallery? I’m contemplating using this plugin (and maybe going pro) for a small gallery-quality woodworker’s page. He’s semi-computer-literate, and wants to be able to manage adding a new page for every piece he puts up…

    How hard would the workflow be? Create a page, create a gallery with a batch upload? Is that about it? Any insight on “simplicity” would be great…



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  • Plugin Author photocrati


    Hi Andy,

    We have a bunch of videos on YouTube that could be helpful for you. There are also others that users have recorded that can also be helpful.


    Also, here is out documentation page that has even more information: http://www.nextgen-galery.com/help


    Thanks for the response, Scott. It looks like the Attach to Post (or, in his case, it would be for a page!) seems like it might do the trick, if it allows for uploading and captioning a set of photos at page creation time…

    Am I reading that right?

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @dezertrat – Yes, basically you can do everything at page creation through the ATP interface … create and upload a new gallery, manage the images in that gallery by editing and/or adding captions, then choosing your display type, customizing its output and finally inserting it into the post.

    That was one of the major ideas behind implementing the ATP functionality, keeping as much as possible in the same place when working on a particular post or page.

    – Cais.

    I bought Pro yesterday. It’s almost perfect!

    Is there a way that I can “limit” the number of album display methods to just a few that fit in best with the site? Like just the Pro Gallery with Filmstrip and a couple others? Just to reduce confusion by an “editor”?

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