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  • On my blog, I want to keep a user-friendly archive of external links to articles, videos, etc. I am often quoted in newspaper (website) articles, and I would like to post them all easily on my wordpress blog. I would also like to categorize these links.

    I want to just paste an external link URL…. and a wordpress plugin should find all the data, including:
    -Page title
    -Page publish date
    -Page description
    -Page thumbnail image.
    I essentially would like to find a plugin that provides the same functionality to when you post a link to facebook, and the description/thumbnail box appears below.
    Here you can see a screenshot of what I am describing.

    Please notice i just pasted a link… then it got that photo, link title, link description/blub…. etc.

    I want to do it in wordpress. Basically have wordpress do all the work… i just paste links. (and maybe categorize.)

    Is there a plugin that will help provide me with this functionality?

    Thank you. My current wordpress blog is located at

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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