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    (Tried searching for answer to no avail)

    There are times when I don’t want a paragraph tag around a html tag ( e.g. img, code, blockquote ). I don’t ‘Use the visual editor when writing’ because I don’t trust it. But surely I know what I want when the post is shown, so why does WordPress butt in and mess around with my html? Shocked there aren’t some controls for this in the admin section.

    How do you control the paragraph and line break formatting when presenting posts?

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  • Good question, while inserting automatic line and paragraph breaks and not showing them in the edit box is nice most of the time, there should be a way to view and edit the full code for cases when you want to post just code on a line, want to enclose the paragraph tag in something else or want to insert line breaks just so you’ll be able to edit easier, but want everything to show up on a single line on page (for example when posting multiple links or small images).

    Resolve by deleting add_filter('the_content', 'wpautop'); from /wp-includes/default-filters.php (around line 108 in 2.5.1).

    Will that affect future formatting in visual mode? Or just in html mode?



    It appears to simply not add paragraph tags when it runs the loop in templates.

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