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  • I am also trying to do this… basically add my own header. ANy help would be greatly appreciated.

    many thanks.



    Edit the header.php in the theme folder (under wp-content/themes/autofocus). Remove on line 31 (or look for <div id=”header”> tag)

    title="<?php bloginfo('name') ?>

    and the <h1> tag.

    Then add <img src="image url"> between the anchor tag and that’s it.

    You can see how I did it here:

    Hi Maestro, thanks for the overview to changing the logo. I am relatively new to this, so could you expend on this, i am struggling to replace the font with my own logo.

    So maybe a bit more detail in how to and what to change exactly.

    Thanks for your help,



    Here’s a step-by-step instruction:

    1. Browse to wp-content/themes/autofocus
    2. Open header.php with a text editor (vi works wonders)
    3. Go to Line 31, it should look like <h1 id="blog-title"><a href="<?php echo get_option('home') ?>/" title="<?php bloginfo('name') ?>" rel="home"><?php bloginfo('name'); ?></a></h1>
    4. Remove or comment out that line
    5. Insert at the same place <a href="<?php echo get_option('home') ?>/" rel="home"><img src="image_url" border="0" alt="logo"></a> where image_url is the URL of your logo (this should be somewhere on your server or another web-accessible place). Use absolute URL if you use mod_rewrite to clean up your permalinks so that the logo’s visible on all your pages.

    Hope this helps

    << Website: >>

    Hai Maestro.. Nice tutorial buddy. Thanks for sharing đŸ™‚
    My blog look more eye catching right now

    Hi Maestro, thanks a lot for your help.

    I heve two questions:
    1- how can i Have an orizontal menĂ¹ as in your web site.
    2- How can I do a page as the one from chespej, the link is this one:




    To get the horizontal navigation like the one on my site, I’d direct you to this thread: . Basically you just need to mess with the access tag in style.css. You might need to change the font size and other attributes to get just the right look though.

    And as for the page you mentioned, it’s generated by the category archive template in autofocus.

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    Hi “Grande” maestro_illuminist.
    I found the topic you suggested, this is the result:

    1- How to change the colors of the menu text?

    2- how can i generate the category archive (to obtain same page of:… maybe it is easy but I’m too new in WP.

    Thanks a lot

    Hi Maestro,

    just another question:

    How can I charge a .swf file in the header?


    Hey. I have this photo as my logo:

    But when I do as stated above, and edit the wordpress coding, it comes up much too big and in the middle of my Autofocus Themed website.

    Any ideas on how to make it smaller and in the top-left corner?



    @ mexcla:

    To change color, add color: <some color> into the access tag in style.css. To add a flash object, use the publish tool in adobe flash and replace all the code shown above. Category pages are already ready when you tag your posts with categories.

    @ Innovatist:

    To adjust size of you image, try use <img src=... width=... height=...>. However I strongly recommend you resize the image using a image editing software first so that browsers will load your page faster. To make your image align to the left, you can try <span style=float:left></span>' with yourimg` tag.

    << Website: >>

    Hi maestro_illuminist,

    I didn’t understand where exactly need to add the code to cange the menĂ¹ color:

    Could you pls. post an example adding it….in red if possible?

    /* =header */
    #header {margin:30px 0 0;height:200px;text-transform:normal;width:600px;clear:none;float:center;}
    #header a:hover{text-decoration:none;color:#888;}
    #header h1 {font-size:1.8em;line-height:0.8em;padding:5px 0 0;}
    #header h1 a{font-weight:100;letter-spacing:-0.05em;position:relative;}
    #header #blog-description {color:#888;}
    #access {display:table;height:40px;vertical-align:middle;width:20px;float:left;}
    #access #menu {vertical-align:middle;display:table-cell;font-size:1.2em;}
    #access #menu ul {vertical-align:middle;display:block}
    #access #menu ul li ul {margin-left:10px;}
    #access #menu a{font-weight:1800;}

    RE: Category page: I will try to tag post with categories, if there will be problems I’ll back to you.


    Hi maestro_illuminist,

    I added the tags of the categories to the posts but how can visualize the
    archive page?


    Hey guys just updated my new logo onto my site ….

    Just a few questions is there a way to move it up one line so it looks more uniform?

    Also I have made a .gif file and would like to use this for the logo so it flashes has anyone done this?

    If so how do you do it…

    My site address is

    Sweet as I worked it out….

    Check it out

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