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    Dear Ivan,

    I’m using your fantastic plugin for booking brewing-time in a new project we’re starting for homebrewers and, with a bit of adjustments of the text using the translation feature, it works almost perfectly.

    I have a couple of questions though:

    1) It may be a limitation in the free version, but it seems to auto-approve a reservation, this is not really a problem yet, but it could be kinda neat to be able to manually approve reservations at some point.

    2) I noticed that the e-mail I get as an admin contains a link to a page ( to view pending reservations, when I click this link (even logged into the admin site) I’m told that I don’t have permissions to view the page.

    3) Also, I’m using the “Simple Membership” plugin for our users and in order to be able to book/reserve a time they must be logged in, are there any way of pre-populate the form fields (such as Name and e-mail) with the information already entered into WP about the user ?
    This is not a show-stopper in any way, but it could be very slick if a user on the site could have this info already filled in when they are booking time.

    When we go live here within the next few months, I will for sure upgrade to the pro version, I just love the idea of letting the guest select a table (and in our case, a brewing system) by simply selecting on an image of our “cafe” (brewery).

    Thank you for a kick ass plugin, I love it.



    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Ivan Zambouka


    Dear Jimi,

    Thank you very much for your kind words, and I am very glad that the plugin was useful to you.

    Unfortunately, all bookings are confirmed automatically, though you can change the code and fix it (only in the free version).

    “3)” sounds good but to my regret what is not, is not.


    Hi Vania,

    Allright, I see.

    In the process of playing around with the plugin I translated it into Danish, how can I contribute the translation ?

    When I visit your site, True Emotions Studio, you have a pretty slick booking plugin, where can I find that one ?



    @ubrewcph it looks like the plugin can use Here you can translate the strings and WordPress will fetch them automatically.

    Here is a direct link:

    Plugin Author Ivan Zambouka


    Dear Jimi (@ubrewcph),

    thanks a lot for your work! I asked for your translation to be approved.


    I can approve the da_DK and add Jimi as plugin editor.

    Plugin Author Ivan Zambouka


    @thomasdk81 thank you, Thomas.

    Please, if you want to suggest any changes to the plugin (except for the translation), then do it on the githab, I will gladly add his name to the list of contributors if he will do something useful for the development of the plugin.


    @ubrewcph Jimi, do you have a .po file with your translation?
    The translation here:

    Isn’t complete. You can import your strings, from the .po file.
    If you need help with that, let me know.
    The translation needs to be above 90% complete, to be distributed automatically.

    Thomas, yes I do, I have imported it now.

    I wished to use it for booking use-time on brewing systems, so in my “own” translation, the one I used on the site, the “Cafe” have been changed to “Brewery” and tables into “brew rigs” 😉

    I should have done the last couple of translations, so it should be close to 100% by now.

    @ubrewcph great work.
    I’ve approved with a few changes(for consistency).
    I’ve also added you as translation editor (Read more about guidelines here:

    So in the future, you can approve strings.
    There is one string “Canvas Content” I didn’t approve. I can find the context and the suggested string didn’t sound like something, you would use in Danish 🙂

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