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  • I’ve just been looking at a bunch of licenses in the backend interface, many of which expired last year. Even though I’ve had the “Auto Expire License Keys” enabled since you added that option, none of the expired licenses have changed the license Status to ‘expired’.

    Here’s just one example: Expired license not changing status to 'expired'

    Can you investigate?

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    Hi, why does it say there is no registered domain in the image above?

    @mbrsolution I don’t know. But surely it’s not related to the issue I described. Out of the 108 instances this happened to me (I had to go and manually change them all to ‘expired’) most of them had domains activated.

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    Plugin Support mbrsolution


    Than you for the extra information. The plugin developers will investigate further your issue.

    Plugin Author mra13


    Do you have the “Auto Expire License Keys” option enabled in the plugins settings?

    The key expiry task is done via a daily cronjob. Enable the debug option in the plugin so you can see if the wordpress conrjob is getting triggered daily or not.

    Yes I do, as mentioned in my original post at the top 🙂

    I’ll enable debugging and see what happens.

    Stay tuned.

    I’ve got some feedback.

    Yesterday (the 13th of March 2017) I changed my license key to expire on the 14th of March 2017.

    Today is the 14th, and my license is still ‘active’ instead of ‘expired’ as expected.

    Active no Expired

    Here’s the relevant portion of the log (license key changed for obvious reasons):

    [03/14/2017 3:37 AM] - SUCCESS : API - license check (slm_check) request received.
    [03/14/2017 3:37 AM] - SUCCESS : License key: AABB12345678
    [03/14/2017 3:37 AM] - SUCCESS : API Response - Result: success Message: License key details retrieved.

    In fact the entire log shows ‘success’ messages, no errors.

    I can also confirm the ‘Auto Expire License Keys’ option is definitely enabled still.

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    Hi. Is there any update on this issue?

    Plugin Author mra13


    The cronjob is not running at all on your site. When the cronjob runs, it will output the following line of text in the log file:

    SLM daily cronjob - auto expiry of license key is enabled.

    When you see the above line, it means the site is functioning correctly and the scheduled events are being triggered.

    This plugin uses standard wordpress’s wp_schedule_event() function to do cronjob. for some reason that is not working on your site.

    You need to figure out why wordpress’s wp_schedule_event() is not getting triggered on your site.

    Try deactivating a re-activating the plugin just to make sure the schedule event gets added to the queue.

    The following plugin maybe helpful in troubleshooting the schedule event issue of your site:

    This is useful information and gives me something to investigate, thanks.

    I’ll post my findings here.

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