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  • This seems to have happened recently without me noticing.
    I am adding YouTube videos to my self-hosted WP site by just including the YouTube video link in my post.

    For example, see:

    The video plays fine in my ordinary computer browser. And it plays fine on the iPad if I go directly to the YouTube site and go to the video in Mobile Safari. So it’s not a Safari problem per se.

    But if I go to the above link directly on my iPad the video won’t play. None of them at my site do via WordPress. You see the image and play button, but it acts like it’s just a static image.

    Anybody know what might have happened?

    Could this be related to all the JetPack upgrades lately? I can’t think of anything else that changed at my site.



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  • Another note. It is working on my iPhone. Just not on my iPad. Both ate running iOS 6.01.

    Does nobody else have this issue? If you paste a YouTube link into a WP post can you play it on your iPad?

    It shows up auto-embedded on my computer, and even my iPhone. But not on my iPad. On my iPad I can see the player button, but it acts more like a static picture.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.



    Works fine on my iPad… Do other videos play okay on yours? Have you tried playing it via YouTube directly?


    What? What? What?! It works fine on your iPad?!

    Other videos (except for WordPress videos) play okay on mine. And I did try playing it directly on YouTube via Mobile Safari, and it plays there as well.

    But none of the videos at my WordPress site play on my iPad. I have an iPad 2 running iOS 6.01.

    What about my latest post at – can you see the video there in your iPad as well? I can’t.



    Yep, no problem with that one either. Is your iPad on WiFi or 4G? Maybe a connectivity issue?

    BTW, it’s an iPad2 — but still on 5.1 (not crazy about my maps getting messed up 🙂 )…

    I’m on wifi – definitely not a connectivity issue. The UI itself doesn’t work. The embedded video, including the play button, is as though it is a static image.

    (pause to get older iPad 1)

    Well I’ll be! On the iPad 1 running iOS 5.1.1 it plays!

    So it’s some incompatibility that was introduced in iOS 6 and just on the iPad.

    I wonder what it could be?


    Try searching on Apple support forums — and post there if you don’t find anything. They’re pretty good in my experience.

    Well, I’ll check around. But this seems to be only a problem inside WordPress as far as I can see.


    I think the issue must be the Weaver II Pro theme I’m using.

    At the Weaver support forums they are currently telling me it is not a theme issue. But I did a simple test. If I active TwentyEleven voila! It then works on my iPad 2 in iOS 6.

    And if I re-activate Weaver it stops working on my iPad 2.

    Doesn’t that sound pretty convincing that it is something in the Weaver theme?

    I’m waiting for their support to respond again.


    Perhaps it’s a Weaver / plug-in issue?

    I’m discussing it with the Weaver people. I think it does seem to be Weaver-related somehow.


    I have the same problem… did you resolve it?
    I have a site and on ipad1 and ipad3 youtube works fine, but on the ipad2 is doesn’t…
    please help me out!

    No, this hasn’t been resolved yet. But I think it may be Weaver II theme related. If I activate TwentyEleven it works, but not with Weaver II. Are you also using Weaver?


    Doug- Have you found a solution to this yet? I have the same problem with embedded video on my iPad. I have a WordPress website (, and embedded video (at bottom & in Feb 19, 2013 post) plays fine on my Mac using Safari, but on iPad, also using Safari, it doesn’t even display. If I go to the site I got it from, it plays fine. But the embedding code I grab from those sites (CNN & CNBC) to use for mine, only works on the Mac. I have an iPad2 with iOS 6.1.

    This is frustrating!

    Apologies for also posting this on, but I am desperate!


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