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  • For the past year and a half approx I have been trying to find a good automatic embedding of Youtube and Dailymotion RSS feeds to automatically generate blog posts on WordPress with those video items.

    The only solution I have found is not really a solution, but it’s using to automatically post each video entry on the blog, but then I have to manually go and edit the post afterwards to make it look nice.

    Wouldn’t it be a good idea to perhaps use some of the code from feedwordpress, some other code from or some other codes like that. And then be able to configure how to display the videos from the Youtube, Dailymotion or other video RSS sources to automatically pull them and post them. Including as feedwordpress can do, post them in categories. Perhaps nicely pull the tags from the video site and use those tags on the wordpress blog posts also automatically.

    One other feature I am hoping for, is to configure the thumbnail image to show and to launch the embedded video to play once clicked on using some type of AJAX movement. Kind of like the smart way Friendfeed does it for example as you can see at

    You can see how the Dailymotion RSS feeds look like as I am testing it at and how it looks when I manually have edited the automatically posted Youtube RSS feeds at

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