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  • Hi All – Does anyone happen to know please whether there’s a WP2.5.1-compatible plugin that can be set to automatically delete posts after a certain number of days, and on a category-specific basis? I’m aware of an old plugin by the name of “auto delete posts” but I don’t think it’s WP2.5.1 compatible and I don’t think it’s ever enable the automatic deletion of posts after x days on a category-specific basis (i.e., only posts falling in one or more user-selected categories would be deleted after x days).

    Does anyone know if such a plugin exists please?

    Many thanks

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  • It is a simple change. Open to edit your auto-delete-posts.php plugin with a text editor. Then:

    Rename all references of wp_categories to wp_terms, if any
    And rename all ‘cat_ID’ to ‘term_ID’ and ‘cat_name’ to just ‘name’

    Then you should now have a working plugin.

    Here’s the new release.

    Update: strange plugin was last update on April 4 2008, and is compatible with 2.3, but still referring to 2.x tables names.

    Do as writen in above post.

    I’m really having trouble with this as well. I did as arkane8 posted above…but its not really working.
    All the options seem to show up except the option to select a category – which is the only option I need.



    I just updated the plugin to be compliant with v2.6.1 of WP. I switched out most of the database specific calls to the WP API which should allow it to work with more version of WP.

    The new version (0.7) should be up soon.

    I’ve got a few other fixes and modifications to make to clean up the code and make it more portable..will tackle that when I have a little bit more time..and also, if there are any specific feature requests while I’m looking to do the work I can roll that in as well..




    I’m a little confused over this plugin – basically I want to it to remove any posts from one particular category after a certain amount of time whilst keeping them in the other categories that I’ve assigned to the post. For example, if I’m showcasing ‘new’ tracks on my blog, I would assign categories best describing the style of music and also a category say called ‘Hot New Tracks’ and it’s this category that I would want deleted after like a month but the posts would still remain in music style category.

    Does this plugin do what I’m asking? Am I a doofus? 😉

    Me too! I want to delete post from one various subcategories but not all of them.

    Any takers?

    Me three! Otherwise I love the plug-in.

    I think that development has stopped on this one so unless there’s another programmer (or plugin) that wishes to take up the task of producing such a plugin, it remains a wish and a hope!

    This plugin is under development only when I get a specific feature request or bug report. I don’t actively use this plugin as it was developed at the request of other forum members.

    Having said that, I will make the necessary modifications to allow this plugin to delete posts from only selected categories.

    Give me a day or so to get the new features in..

    That’s brilliant. Thanks Cypher – much appreciated. Will it work with WP 2.7?

    Thanks again

    I too am interested in this. On one of my phpBay wordpress blogs I have a “free shipping specials” section that imports free shipping items from ebay automatically via RSS.

    Obviously, these posts need to be deleted after a certain number of days as the items are going to disappear from ebay and the links to the original ebay listing will be pulling nulls.

    Thanks for getting back Cypher.
    Look forward to seeing the new version.

    I could really use a category specific plugin look forward to seeing it Cypher.

    I found it – hooray! hehe – I was at the author’s site a few minutes ago and found the plugin gone missing.

    Is there to be an update?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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