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    WPPA Creates automatic landing pages. They are required to display the results of a search operation, tag search or other widget sourced display requests.

    On a newly created website, wp puts all newly created pages in the main menu; a nasty behaviour that hardly anyone is waiting for.

    To get rid of this behaviour: you must make a custom menu where you can define what you want in the menu.

    Go to the Appearence -> Menus menuitem and create a menu and activate it. You can select the pages and links you want there.

    The pages created by wppa have just a title and a ( dummy but required!! ) wppa shortcode. You may change the names and add text if you like, even specify a size=".." and/or an align=".." token in the shortcode if required, but leave the shortcode in the page!

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  • First of all thanks for this great plugin. I have question regarding this new feature.

    What if I don’t need any of the search functions, tag or anything the landing page does?

    I have always used wordpress and never had to change the default behaviour of the main menu. I just create pages and they appear right there, that’s the way it has always worked, and I’ve been confortable with this. Then today all of a sudden I have an invading page in my main menu, so I have to create a menu with all my page links? I don’t feel this confortable since is messing with the default wordpress behaviour.

    As you are saying this is a nasty behaviour and it should be optional, One should be able to turn it off or on.

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    A landing page is created when it is needed.
    If there were no landing page, you would ask on this forum: why don’t i see the results of: a photo search / a link from the album widget / the topten widget and so on, as i had many of these questions in the past.

    If you do not use the widgets, the pages will not be created.

    If you use them, only one landing page is enough, it only needs a wppa shortcode, may be almost any wppa shortcode. You can select that page in Table VI under Link Page on any row that asks for a page, and delete any possible auto created page.

    ah, well now I see one of the issues plaguing me.
    So if a landing page was not created for some galleries, but you created one on your own, what should be done?
    Having issues importing pics because of this mess.


    Love the plugin.

    If ‘do quick initial setup’ is selected, will that possibly fix pages problems?
    And will it wipe the pics, galleries and/or descriptions already created?

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    You can select your page in Photo Albums -> Settings admin page Table VI at the appropriate subtable/itemline.

    Hello this is my first post. I am somewhat a novice. However, everything was just fine until I upgraded to WP Photo Album Plus Version 5.3.24!

    I have read the comments about the landing pages. However, for me the problem is not with the landing page showing up on the “Menu”. (Maybe because by default I do not have my newly created page automatically populate the menu.)

    What I have been trying to get rid of is the landing page on the “Pages” that I have in my sidebar widget. How is that acceptable for the general public to see my landing page?
    If this can not be turned off, can you please hold my hand and show me how to go back to WP Photo Album version 5.2.14. I could not even find a link to it. Let alone know how to install it if I found it. Help! Pleeeease!

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    You can exclude pages in your sidebar widget.
    Just find out the page id’s:

    If you edit one in the wp page/post editor, look at the addressline in the browser, example:

    This is page id 3710

    You can add in the widget activation screen a list of pages as follows:
    Open the widget on the widget screen and enter: 3710,3712,1814 in the ‘Exclude:’ edit field, then press the save button.

    I want to create a thumbnail gallery on my WP page that when the user clicks on a particular thumbnail will open the corresponding full resolution picture that is stored in a directory not in the WP directory. The user can then download the full resolution file.

    I can do this by manually modifying the URL path for each image, but I have too many images. I want this to happen automatically.

    The reason I need to link to another directory is that WP won’t upload images that have too many pixels, even when the file is under the 10 MB limit.

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


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