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  • Hi All,

    Is it possible to do auto broadcasting with Threewp-broadcast plugin?
    My multisite contains 5 different site and requires author to edit their own post in the main site and publish it to one of other subsite. The author cannot choose the subsite to publish so I would like to check if there is any way I can create a function to auto update the subsite when the author edit their post?

    Thanks alot for any help!

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  • +1… this is also what I’m looking for as I posted here:

    In a Multisite setup, I wanted only users that were Authors or above on my main blog (which all the child posts will be autoposted) to autobroadcast. I tried making the modifications to the following code plugin by adding chunks of code with the following conditions and ensuring that the checked parameter is set to true under these conditions. Somehow that didn’t work… for someone reason even users below Author role still autobroadcasted which made me think that they are read as Admins because the roles refer to the subsites not on the main blog.

    So most likely, I may have to go another route and create an array of sites that I want the auto broadcasting feature instead of by user role. LMK what you think?


    Ensure 'checked' => true, for each of the conditions below…

    if ( $this->role_at_least( $this->get_site_option( 'role_link' ) ) && !is_super_admin() && current_user_can('author'))
    if ( $this->role_at_least( $this->get_site_option( 'role_taxonomies' ) ) && !is_super_admin() && current_user_can('author') )
    if ( $this->role_at_least( $this->get_site_option( 'role_taxonomies_create' ) ) && !is_super_admin() && current_user_can('author') )
    if ( $this->role_at_least( $this->get_site_option( 'role_custom_fields' ) ) && ( $post_type_supports_custom_fields || $post_type_supports_thumbnails) && !is_super_admin() && current_user_can('author') )
Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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