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  • This plug-in makes easier for website links exchange, you only need to set up pr value minimum limit at background, to achieve link exchange without need of manual check in front, this plug-in has the following features:

    1. set Pr minimum limit (Alexa limit is under test).
    2. Auto detect the effectiveness of given link . You can set it as daily test, or set frequency that link detect failure, eg: set 5 days as undetected, auto shut down the link from this site. One point need to mention here: If nofollow or noindex is set on the other site or they add a nofollow to the link given to you, these are regarded as not detected because nofollow or noindex will not give points for your link search engine.
    3. Realize widget call, easy to use.
    4. Exception site can be set at back as “no need to detect”.
    5. Output link to home page according to classification
    6. auto import links from blogroll in process of installation.

    1. Upload and activate, set permission of plug-in directory and current template directory as “0777”.
    2. go to setting-> AutoBlogroll-> install, activate plug-in.
    3. go to setting-> AutoBlogroll-> GeneralSetting, set basic parameters
    4. go to widget page of templates and insert AutoBlogroll
    5. After that, setting-> AutoBlogroll-> Manage link
    6.In wp-config.php change “define (’WPLANG’, ”);” to “define (’WPLANG’, ‘ch_CN’);” to chinese face.

    down load auto-blogroll
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