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  • Hi all,
    just wondering if you have a combined export/backup tool that allows not only all content to be backed up, but the theme also? (Or do people just store the original theme they worked on in a different folder)?

    Basically I’m dealing with some fairly non-technical net users and we need an easy backup in case my server company goes bankrupt, I die, or whatever… and they have to setup the site from scratch again on another server!

    So ideally my other activist friends would receive an email once a week with some file that they could use to upload to a new installation of the site on another server. The reason I keep stressing another server is that I’ve used CMS’s before with a backup I thought was safe, and found that it only backed up to the same site with the same server information, if that makes sense.

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  • OK, question above was too large. I’ll try this.

    What plugins do you prefer for backup?

    WP-DBManager? Other? Why? How easy do they make it to move to another server?

    Cheers in advance.

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