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  • Hi, I’ve previously been using ‘FeedWordpress’ which auto-assigns categories based on the category given on the feed.

    My feed comes from a forum so each section of the forum counts as a category on the feed, and when a thread is moved in to a new section the feed/imported posts would update to show the new category.

    Is there a way to make this plugin automatically detect the category? I cannot see an option for this.

    Or would I be better off importing each forum section/category as a separate feed so that a post would first be made in forum section A, imported from RSS feed A, assigned to category A on the blog, then when the thread on the forum is moved to section B it would be imported from RSS feed B and would just overwrite the blog post with category B – is that how it would this work?

    Many thanks for your help

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  • Plugin Author Allen


    Well, not sure about this, but give me an example of an RSS feed that has the category in the feed.

    Thanks for the speedy reply Allen 🙂

    Here is an example feed with categories from a (vbulletin) forum:

    The category element within the < item > is like so:

    <category domain="">vBulletin 4.x Add-ons</category>

    Plugin Author Allen


    ok..well, this is idiosyncratic to this domain….I don’t think I will be adding this soon since nobody else has asked for this..if you know php, however, you can change the code to pick up the you know how to do this?

    No idea, but will certainly look in to it 🙂

    As I will know the URL the posts are coming from I wonder if it’s as easy as adding something in PHP that says:

    IF this text is found = <category domain=”″>vBulletin 4.x Add-ons</category>

    THEN add X category

    That is putting it simply obviously, I will have to work it out properly later.

    (That is just an example URL btw, I am not using vbulletins feed, just in case anyone from their community sees this and thinks I’m trying to scrape their content!)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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