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    I am creating an auto-advance form for a series of products and I would like to be able to advance through the first few steps of using Gravity Forms’ Dynamic Population feature. The format follows this sequence:

    Size > style > option 1 > colour > accessories

    I have configured dynamic population of the form and can see that the selections
    have been made, however, I am taken to the first page of the form.

    Can your plugin support advancing through to the page that I require with the assumption that no review of selections are required by the user?

    Thank you

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author David Bentley


    I have played with your website to see how things work.

    So to clarify… you want to be able to do something similar to what you have now but get rid of the next and previous buttons so they simply move through depending on their selections?


    So to do this, you’ll set up your pages for each stage – Size, Style, option, color, accessories.

    Those will be the pages you’ll create… or the steps.

    Next, on page 2,3,4,5 you’ll create conditional fields/content to show depending on the previous page selection.

    So for example – If I choose a small size, and the small size has 2 different style options, I would only see content on the next page that is conditional to that size selected on the first page. All other options would remain hidden on the second page.

    Then, with the auto advance plugin added, you’ll simply click to hide the previous and next buttons so when someone selects the size, it will go through automatically to the next step.

    The PRO version of the plugin will give you some additional functionality.. Let’s say they want custom printing – you can actually make it so that if they click that option, they are not advanced to the next page, instead, the printing options are displayed in that same step below a conditional selection option. Because you have real time pricing displayed for this, I would keep the next option enabled here so they can explore the pricing differences for the total cost.

    A good example of another place where the pro is going to be best is the solid ground options for sandbag and leg weights. With the pro version, once they make their selection for sandbag or leg weights, it will auto advance.

    Here is the demo for the plugin so you can play with the differences –

    Hope I was able to answer everything here.

    If this has helped, consider leaving a good review for quality of customer service. Thanks, I really appreciate it!


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    Hi David,

    That’s a very informative response that I appreciate, thank you! Also, thanks for taking a look at the sample page. I had refactored the page to remove the auto-advance feature as it was not providing me with the UX that I need. And, as a result, I fear that the point may have been missed. Sorry.

    I would like to configure a method of auto-advancing through the form to a page that is determined by the dynamic population hook from a link on my site. So, for example, when using the same form, I would like to have a link with GF dynamic population that includes:

    – 1x 3x3m selection (step 1)
    – 1x pro lite frame (step 2)
    – the compact frame (step 2.1)
    – in-stock colours (step 3)

    I have configured the GF hook and when implemented, each option from above is selected by the logic as expected. However, when using your auto-advance plugin the form does not advance to the page that contains the next step, colour selection. This is the experience that I would like to provide.

    This is because prior to selecting the C2A link, the user will be presented with information that may result in them deciding to proceed with a pre-selected size, frame, and style. So the next step is simply colour and then accessories. I do not want to burden them with having to take the first few steps and I would like to consolidate forms for management purposes, rather than creating one for each unique C2A.

    Will your plugin support this type of implementation?

    Thanks again!

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    Plugin Author David Bentley


    Hey there… Had the developer work on things. Try adding this to any .js file that is loading on that page:

    Here is the new script for that
    	var url =;
    	if( jQuery("#gform_18").length > 0 && url && url.match("frame_size1").length > 0 && url.match("3x3-frame").length > 0 && url.match("comp-can").length > 0 && url.match("Can-colour").length > 0 ) {
    		jQuery("#gform_18").trigger("submit", [true]);

    This will check for the URL to have the parameters. If someone arrives at the page with parameters, it will send them directly to the color selection while all the other entries are dynamically populated with your parameters listed in the url. Give it a try and test it first. We used Google console to test it but since we didn’t have access to the site, have not checked it first hand.

    Plugin Author David Bentley


    Checking in to make sure this worked for you. Please let us know when you get a moment.

    Plugin Author David Bentley


    Though I have not heard back so I am going to resolve this for now.

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    Hi David,

    I apologize for the delayed response, I was away from my connection for these past few days. I have applied the script and it does assist in delivering the user experience that I was hoping for! I will continue testing and modify it for different use cases. But for now, I thoroughly appreciate your stellar assistance as well as your plugin. The pro version will enhance our customer’s progression through our forms which is amazing!

    Thank you so much for the brilliant service experience!!

    Much obliged.

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