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  • Hi,

    Great plugin. II bought it last night and played with it all night for a long, complex form I’m building. The Beauty Page feature, multipage animation, and tooltips are excellent improvements upon the default Gravity Forms UI.

    Anyway, I have a couple of requests that I think would make the Beauty Pages feature even better…

    Emulate this plugins features for Beauty Pages. Multi Page Auto Advance for Gravity Forms

    It’d be awesome to click a radio button and be moved to the next page immediately. It would really speed up the form completion process a lot.

    Another request I have that I think should be relatively easy to implement would be integrating this script in for Beauty Pages.

    This simple Gravity Perks script to autosave and continue my form answers, so a customer who started filling out the form and left or failed to submit the form doesn’t lose the answers they previously provided.

    Needless to say, this doesn’t work with Beauty Pages, but it’d be really cool if that feature were added in.

    As it stands with Beauty Pages, all the user input is saved still before form submission. However, you don’t automatically continue where you left off like you do with ordinary Gravity Form Save and Continue and the script above I linked.

    I also noticed an issue with Beauty Pages and the same page conditional logic. The field remains disabled even when revealed. I’m guessing the workaround is to remove conditional logic for the field and instead place it on a different beauty page and apply conditional logic to that page.

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    I swear I can’t get over how awesome these Beauty Pages are. This is just so much better in so many ways.

    Also, another feature request. Automatically scroll to the top after clicking the Beauty Page next button. The way it is now, you just go to the same place in the window on the next page, which is particularly jarring on mobile.

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    Plugin Author sehreideas


    Dear sir
    We appreciate your message.
    For now we have no plan for requested features for BeautyGravity.
    Best wishes

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