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    Hi Micah,

    I have a client with PromoSlider on the home page and the auto advance is not working. Their theme loads its own jQuery (1.51) and I thought that’s the issue as I see a JS error in Firebug @ line 171.. it attempts to call replace() method. The links work fine.

    HOWEVER, they showed me a staging site which (they claim) is identical… same theme code and Promoslider version and WP core. And the PromoSlider advances properly.

    Before I go nuts debugging… any ideas as to why the first does not work and the staging site -does- work? I’d like to just throw it back as a theme issue but since the 2nd site does work, I don’t want to give in just yet.



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    Yes, having a theme or plugin load its own version of jQuery is a very bad practice. However, the issue here is this:

    Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden)

    The staging site doesn’t return a 403 for the promotion slider javascript file, whereas the production site does. It sounds like a server misconfiguration to me. Whatever the case, fixing the 403 status code so that you get a 200 status code when going to that URL will fix the problem.

    Hi Micah,

    I am SOOOOOO SORRY. I gave you the wrong domain for the one that does -not- work. The client created a subdomain just for ‘me’ to look at this which -does- load the promotion-slider.js and yet it -still- does not work. I can see the settimeout advancing in Firebug, but it hits line 171 and then throws an error at the console


    NOT working:

    TypeError: c.replace is not a function
    Line 16

    …but as I said, on the site, it’s configured (supposedly) the same and it -does- work—in spite of the old jQuery 1.51.

    Can you please look at it again. I know it’s annoying. I truly apologise. I’ll even donate again! 🙂

    Plugin Author Micah Wood



    Sorry, it looks like you beat me to the solution. I took a look at the site that is not supposed to be working and it is working. If you have found the solution, do you mind posting what the issue was?

    Yes. I must be getting blind… impatient… or ADHD in my old age. If you were to look at the two sites, you’d see that one calls a file ‘promoslider.js’ and the one that doesn’t work is ‘promotion_slider.js’. Both were run through the Admin update service and registered as version 3.51 and the first few lines of both are the same. But at a certain point inside they contain -very- different js. So the older file promoslider.js works within this theme (themeforest websplash) and the larger file (promotion_slider.js) does -not-… I guess because it contains that .replace() method.

    I contacted the theme author and he sent me an ‘update’ in which he simply included a minified jQuery 1.8… rather than re-writing to call jQuery from the WP core (which I thought was best practice.) So I am recommending that my client move away from this theme.

    Thanks. Sorry to give you a wild goose chase. I appreciate your following up… one of the reasons I recommend this plug to clients.



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