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    1. Is it possible to setup auto add rule?
    For example: Product attribute AMAZON_UPLOAD changed from NO to YES => Then add product to amazon list and upload it to amazon.

    If attribute changed from YES to NO, then remove product from amazon.

    2. Is it possible to do this also with categories?
    For example:
    If product categorie is AMAZON then add product to amazon list.
    If product is moved from categorie AMAZOn then remove ist from amazon.

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  • Hey @tommy83

    Sorry but there is no out of the box way to include auto add rules like this.

    You will need to use WP-Lister’s user interface to list items to Amazon or remove items from Amazon.

    Kind regards,

    We work like 90% all other store owner:

    we have an inventory software and in this software we add products via API to store/woocommerce.

    So its not a clean way to leave inventory master system and open woocommerce, to make changes directly in woocommerce.

    We know many other software that have auto add rule. Is it possible develope this option?

    I know this option from other 3rd party ebay/amazon plugins:
    If product is in category “EBAY ABC” then import product to ebay ABC list.
    If product is in category “EBAY FAST SHIPPING” then import product to ebay fast shipping list.
    If product attribute AMAZON have value YES, then add product to amazon list.

    This are basics and reduce the daily work near to zero! Because we remove and add near to 1000 products per day to ebay & amazon lists.

    Hey @tommy83

    Not that it’s not a good idea – Myself and the developers do think it could be useful but this is not a popular request. The next feature request we are working on is background processing for WP-Lister for eBay.

    In the meantime, we can provide you with a custom plugin which would do #1, though I’m not sure if we can do the “add product to amazon list and upload it to amazon” part automatically. We would have to look into that. Your best bet is to open a support ticket so we can mark the email as a feature request and keep it in our feature request log.

    Kind regards,

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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