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    If I activate the Authorsure plugin on my website, I’ve noticed that pagination stops working. If I go back to plugins and deactivate Authorsure… pagination works once again.

    Just wondered if anyone had any ideas as to why this plugin would cause this problem and any suggestions on how to get round it.


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  • Same issue here, but not with all themes we work with.

    Right now we noticed this happening with

    Any pointers?

    Plugin Author Russell Jamieson



    Please can you post a URL where the pagination is not working? Is this on an archive page or on the main blog page?


    it’s on the main blog page. I had the chose in the theme to use pagination or a “load more” function. To solve this I went with the load more, so right now there isn’t much to see.

    Plugin Author Russell Jamieson



    As you indicated yourself there was not much to see, other than a nice site 🙂

    Now you have pagination switched off in favor of “load more” I can’t really tell what is happening so I will need to run my own tests.

    I will post here again tomorrow when I have a fix

    I have also had a similar problem but the older posts link at the bottom of my main site page stops working when I have the Authrosure plugin active. Not sure why this is suddenly breaking my sites navigation but it is annoying, it was working recently in the past but sometime in the last few weeks or months it stopped.

    I currently have it turned off but if you need some testing and want it on i can do that.

    Hi Russell,

    I’ve the same problem — for some reason, with AuthorSure on, has a 301 redirect to When I turn off the plugin, the issue is resolved.

    I’ve disabled the plugin for obvious reasons, but can turn on again at your request so you can take a look.


    I am having the exact same problem with AuthorSure on, redirects to, when I turn off AuthorSure, the next-page (2,3,4) works fine.
    Plugin is currently enabled so you can watch the issue in action.

    Plugin Author Russell Jamieson


    Thanks Randy.

    AuthorSure does not do any redirects so this is indeed a strange one.

    What setting are you using for the Author Indicator?

    I will try and reproduce the issue of TwentyThirteen

    As regards your WordPress theme, dw-argo_1.0.5_theme, the style.css file was non-standard, where can I find out more about this theme?


    Russell there is a thread at the DW website HERE ; The developer is active on that thread and I am sure he will respond to any questions you post.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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