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  1. Shuxian
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    I have this site that has many authors and few admins. Authors are bloggers. They have their own pages and there is link that lists their posts. Also I have those links in sidebar widget beside the blog.

    Three newest posts from any author is featured and appears in front page slider. Also blog archive page has all the posts from all bloggers in chronological order.

    Now I have a huge problem with this one author. His ID is 6. He wrote 9 posts so far and in the beginning all the posts featured in front page slider and archive page, and listed on their own post list.

    Then from post 5 to 9 those posts stopped to list under this authors (ID=6) list and featured posts. All other blogger still has it working. In front page slider their posts are among 3 if its new. And in blogger pages their posts are listing under the link. But not in this case.

    How is it possible? What can I try?

    You can take a look: http://www.cityforum.fi

    And here http://www.cityforum.fi/author/shafik/ you see only 4 posts. Should be 9. And those missing 5 posts only comes to archive page: http://www.cityforum.fi/category/blogi-2/ but never in front page featured slider.

    Blogger is Shafik, and his ID never changed. Neither did his other profile informations.

  2. Shuxian
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Help please! Now newest author also has the problem!
    Author number 13.
    Just like number 6 (only 4 out of 9 shows)

    All the sudden their posts stopped to come up as featured (frontpage slider) and in their personal archives

    But they do list in main post archive

    I just can't imagine the thing. I can post normally, and all the four other authors as well. They set category Featured and Blogi, Featured Image, excerpt, one custom field and there they go, it should show in slider and under ID. *crying*

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