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  • I want registered users to be able to contribute articles. That’s it! Plain and simple, right?

    They can contribute articles to the site. Once their article is approved / moderated by one of us, their article gets published. The only problem is that no matter which settings [Author, Contributor, Editor, …] I use, all the menus still come up. There’s no way I want the article writers having access to all the options in the left sidebar like “Appearance, Themes, Plugins, Articles, Posts, Pages, Settings, …….” That’s craziness waiting to happen!

    I simply want them to be able to log in, write an article by typing their body content, upload a picture or two, add a link or two if they want in the article, and that’s it. They don’t need to add ‘tags’ or switch up categories, or have access to any of the other options. Then they can click “Submit for Review” like the “Contributor” setting does. [Again, the only problem there is that a ‘contributor’ can still jack with all the options!!]

    I’ll take care of the rest of the details [tags/categories/formatting] I just want them to be able to write / contribute an article (and nothing else) 🙂

    Any suggestions? From any one – not just ‘Support’ – would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!
    Thanks! -Brad

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