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  • kmac99


    I need to accept simple payments from people using api/key. I don’t need a shopping cart at all… only need to be able to accept payments and have a field where the payer can enter their preexisting account number. This is for people to make payments to a doctor’s office.

    Can anyone recommend a simple plugin that allows me to have/create a basic form to accept card payments like this?

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  • Andrew Bartel


    Nothing free turned up when I googled for it. You could hire a developer for a couple of hours though, I think it took me about that the first I worked with’s API, and I was still in college then.

    What about a paypal donate button instead?



    Thanks for the reply Andrew. Do you know if there is a way to use paypal without it saying paypal/donate?

    That’s exactly what my plugin does here:

    Aside from that there aren’t many options for The PayPal route is appealing and their fees are low. Is there some reason to attempt to conceal paypal?

    I have one site where I take payments exclusively through paypal and I just worded it as “We accept PayPal payments for your safety”. It does relieve you of some security considerations.

    Daniel. I am looking at your plugin. I dont want buttons. I want to be able to provide the form on the customers site, with a submit button that then goes to Does your plugin allow this?

    I’m not sure what you mean by buttons. My plugin does all the processing on the merchant’s site using the AIM and ARB APIs. This requires an SSL certificate to secure the data during transport. also offers SIM, which takes the user away from the merchant site over to to complete the payment. My plugin does not support that.

    Does that answer your question?

    So the customer coming the site fills out a form that is on the site? Or do they just click a button?

    In other words do the site visitors fill out a payment form on my customers site then click submit?

    It works just like it does on my site. The user has no idea I’m using They only know that I am taking a credit card payment.

    In example of your site: your customer visits your site amd fills out the payment form eith their details on your site? Does your plugin provide the form for the customer to fill out? Or just a button for them to hit? And also can we add additional items to the form? For example other required text input fields?

    Thanks again for all of your responses BTW

    Hi hostpuppies. I may not understand what you’re asking. I’m also not sure how to answer other than what I’ve posted.

    It might be helpful for you to read up a bit on how AIM and ARB work. Those are the APIs I implement through

    I’ve actually just started to use WordPress for hosting my e commerce, I found this course really helpful in getting me started:

    [Link removed – Sorry, you cannot use these forums to advertise your own site – ]

    It could cover some of the more advanced topics in a little more detail, but overall I was quite impressed with it

    Daniek does the plugin provide a form or a button (like a buy now button) to facilitate taking the customers payment information. Not an api or technical question. Form or button?

    Did you go look at my site like I suggested yesterday? There’s a buy now button and that takes you to a checkout page.

    There are also videos here that show you how the plugin works:

    Beyond that I’m really not sure I understand what you’re asking.

    Ok. So where you enter the billing details after submitting. Can that form be brought out to the front of the site, or does the user only have an option to click the button. On my site I do not have a button that says Click Here To Contact Me. I have a form that is filled out and then a submit. Is this possible with your plugin?

    What’s your site?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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