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  • One of the reasons I chose wordpress is wp-e-commerce’s ease of use with (I had read about how it is easy to implement).

    I’ve been looking to start credit card acceptance for 2 weeks and can’t seem to find any help out there…Can someone who has set up card payments on one’s own wp-e-commerce site please point me in the right direction? Do I need the gold cart upgrade? Do I need to contact directly for an account, or is it better to go through a reseller providing both merchant account services and the payment gateway?

    Any leads would be helpful. Many thanks.

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  • ask at their forums

    Yes you need to upgrade to get gateway. They have it at Get Shopped upgrade page and it is $40. This plugin has one major problem and that is the license. It will not let you but a license for unlimited installs and it is not clear as to if anyone can use the plugin or only organizations. I have emailed them several times but it confused me even more. I think they just need to make an all exclusive license for everyone or maybe one of the other competitors will.

    I have several WP e-Commerce stores and have rolled-out stores for clients, each Premium Plugin for WP e-Commerce (e.g. Gold Cart) provided by Instinct has a Name and API Key assigned against each license.

    As far as I’m aware there are no bulk-licensing but I have not asked, I’ll raise it on Monday.

    Best be careful. I tried in vain to get pre-sales support from WP-Ecommerce as so many people have issues with the plugin. See their forums and do your due diligence in Googling for “WP-ecommerce” and “wordpress shopping cart plugin” etc. and you’ll see the mass number of complaints against Wp-ecommerce.

    I’ve only had experience with them and Phpurchase. Phpurchase installed and worked in 5 minutes. It also worked with other plugins unlike wp-ecommerce.

    Not trying to trash anyone, I know wp-ecommerce has been around a while, but it doesn’t work for me and it doesn’t work for a lot of other people.

    Phpurchase is also pci compliant btw…cheers

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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