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Authorize.net plugin for WordPress

  • I created a plugin for Authorize.net and WordPress that’s geared toward membership website integration, but I’m not sure if there’s a place to mention something like that on the WordPress forums. It’s a commercial plugin, so it isn’t really a fit for the wordpress.org plugin directory:


    I wasn’t sure if there was a marketplace or similar area in the forums.


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  • a simple search on the forums, or the plugin directory will reveal many other plugins that can do the same for free.

    It’s true that there are many cart, shop or similar plugins that support authorize.net, but this one is generic. It’s sole purpose is to integrate WordPress and Authorize.net, including recurring billing.

    Still, in most cases I think that people will look for a cart or shop plugin that has support for Authorize.net, so that’s a very good point.



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    Moved to Your WordPress. Can I ask if the plugin is released under GPL?

    Originally I hadn’t intended to, but with the current firestorm about Thesis, I suppose the sentiment of the community is that every plugin and theme should be released as GPL. The answer is that it will be a GPL compatible license with a paywall in front of the download, much like the premium theme designers do.

    Does that answer your question esmi?



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    Yes, thanks. 🙂

    Hi Daniel,

    Does your plugin have the ability to track the IP address of a donator? If not, is there an easy way to add that functionality?

    I have a Non-Profit Client that currently uses a hard coded Authorize.net donation form. They are having issues with fraud charges from bots charging donations. The problem is that Authorize.net charges the fees even if it is a fraud donation.

    I have been searching for a solution when I came across your plugin. If it can track IP Addresses then it would be a huge upgrade to their current system, since they would like to add recurring donations and tracking from within their WordPress admin rather than having to always go to Authorize.net for that info. Your plugin would also allow them to charge for events instead of using a third party website like Kintera.

    I really like the possibilities this plugin poses for my client, so please tell me there is a way to track the IPs…



    My plugin doesn’t currently store the IP address of the user. That wouldn’t be too difficult to add to the log files or even the transaction display. That feature would be a few months out unless it was sponsored.

    I’m puzzled about the fraudulent transactions though. What could someone stand to gain by making a donation with a fraudulent card? And how would they find your site to make a donation?

    I suppose it would make more sense if they were attempting to purchase something, but it seems pointless to make a donation with a bad card. Do you have any ideas?

    Thanks for teh quick reply Daniel.

    How much would it cost to sponsor that addition to the plugin?

    Yeah it is baffling us as well. Everything is setup for Fraud Protection and most of the fraud donations go in as denied or awaiting approval. The problem is that whether it is approved or not, Authorize.net (the credit card companies and Wells Fargo) is still charging them the fees for each one.

    Authorize said this happens all the time. Some one wrote a script to search for forms and submit cards…we have no idea why as it does not benefit them.

    There were several hundred running through a day. It took a bit for them to catch it though since they are monitoring it themselves.

    We wrote some code to try and stop any transactions that have that name on it, but they still seem to get them in. Authorize said the only way to stop the fraud ring is to block the IP Addresses. So we need to come up with a way to see the IPs so they can use it to stop any and all frauds in the future.

    There donations are now down until we can figure out what to do, so they are losing donations daily. I was hoping your plugin would work, but if not would you have any ideas or suggestions on any plugin or another way of gathering the IP Addresses.


    Send in a ticket about the IP feature and we can discuss further:

    More sophisticated platforms, like Magento, may have that type of feature built in, but I’m not aware of other solutions like mine. It’s still mostly custom software to process credit cards.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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