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  • Help! I have a few authors for a blog and I want to display a picture and descrition for each one on the sidebar of my blog. Is this possible to do or do i need a plugin. If so which plugin is best?


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  • you can do it with text widgets. thats probably the most straight forward way of doing it. i did something similar on my blog, except i didnt do a different one for each.

    instead of saying ‘about’ set the title as ‘authors’ or as each authors name if you use a separate text widget for each author.

    thanks, i was hoping for a more dynamic approach so i don’t have to add one every time there is a new author. This works though 🙂

    You could look at this plugin.

    There you can have sidebar or post by post info about your authors.


    you have to use gravatars for that plugin though, right? you cant just have any image you want for each author? it would be great to have a plugin like that that isnt tied into gravatars etc.

    this is a little different than the original desire, but ive been thinking about this mod, to have each authors image and info show on their posts pages

    Possible hack? Either using 2.5’s builtin gravatar support or plugin for <2.5, set the default image to be used if the gravatar call returns nothing (they don’t have a gravatar) and call the gravatar function with null string for user id. No gravatar is returned and default is used every time. Default path could be constructed based on user id to give unique images. Eventually, rework the code to eliminate the gravatar call completely.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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