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  • Your description is a bit confusing,have you looked at this?:

    That must be used inside the loop.
    I am looking for something that will display the author of a post’s name, but in the header.
    For example, say I went to a post like
    Title: 5 Days Left
    Author: Ryan McCue
    It shows this in the middle of the page (e.g. in the loop, but I want to get the author’s name in the header.
    I hope this clarifies a bit.

    Does anyone have any idea at all?


    Use the_author(). You can use it anywhere on the page; it isn’t limited to within the loop.

    It says:

    The author of a post can be displayed by using this Template Tag. This tag must be used within The Loop.

    Any ideas? If I have to, I can hack the files.

    Any ideas at all other than the_author() ?
    Or is the Codex wrong?

    Actually, is there a way to hack into the loop and get the_author()?
    *cough* Bump *cough*

    Another approach would be to just call the_author in the loop but enclose it in a div that you style with position: absolute and something like left: 700px; top: 200px; to locate it in your header (you would have to play with the numbers to get it right). And of course if you have a fluid width design it could get ugly. And the there is IE. But if you give the div some height value it should work.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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