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  • In post edit screen, this meta box only shows me, the super admin, I need to be able to change the author of posts to one of my editors. How?


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  • The problem is exactly the same as in this post:

    Except the super admin (me) can only see “admin” in the Author drop down in post editors, but Editor’s can see nothing at all (there isn’t even a menu showing in the meta box!

    How strange. Is there a database fix for this? He explains (and I don’t know if this has changed) but the Author drop down does this:

    The code that draws the Post Author pull-down calls a function get_editable_user_ids(), which runs this query:
    SELECT user_id FROM wp_usermeta WHERE meta_key = ‘wp_user_level’ AND meta_value != ‘0’

    How can I fix this issue?

    Ok, I got this fix from this forum (below), but now it’s showing all the site users (even members and subscribers) in the author drop down. Also, when logging in as one of my Editor’s, they still can’t see anything in the Author drop down (not even the menu itself). How to edit this code to remedy this?

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    I doubt I understand the question, but are you certain you added the users to the correct site?
    Maybe a plugin could help?

    Yes, this appears to be a bug but except for the snippet I posted above (which works in a sense) there has been no remedy for this.

    Using the code above, I as the admin at least now can see ALL users in the author drop down (in post editor) but what’s annoying is that it lists ALL users network wide, not just users on the given blog and it still doesn’t fix the issue for non-admin users. For now I have had to simply remove the author drop down in the post editors.

    Thirdly, I cannot see the author drop downs in the quick edit feature in the post list at all. But at least I’m mostly there. Can other people who have had this issue pipe up here, cuz i know for a fact it’s not just me, I asked my friend who runs several WP multisites and he gets the same thing too.


    Also, I already use the plugin mentioned above to automatically add users as desired role to the given blogs, I also use URE to control my role caps, but its not the users that are the problem, its just the author drop downs in the post editor. You do know what I mean by “author drop down” right? The little meta box in the post editor admin screen where you can change / select the author for a given post?

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    I also use URE to control my role caps

    Ah that’s why :/ It borks the author search.

    Basically you’ve made it so WP doesn’t know how to find the user’s role on that screen. I wonder if it can be changed to check for ‘has_cap’ instead.

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