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  • I’ve been wondering why my creation and edit screens were becoming slower then molasses, so I took a quick look at the page’s html source code and found that wordpress was listing over a couple thousand people in the ‘author’ drop down.

    How did this happen? all the registered people on my blog are ‘contributors’ so I figured, hey, maybe it’s just the contributors that are on there, even though they can’t write anything…so I went through and changed a few from being contributors to being subscribers…which is when I discovered that subscribers do not have access to the wordpress dashboard! Why does wordpress block subscribers from seeing their profile? I’m going to assume that something happened on my particular install, because this whole situation just stinks of a plugin messing up user abilities.

    Anyways..I was able to fix my problem by commenting out the final ‘die’ section in wp-admin/menu.php

    so my question: why so many people in the author drop down, and why can’t my subscribers see the dash?

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  • I just found out from a confidential source that this behavior is intention to keep unique wordpress sites from having too many authors on it, so that would do better business.

    this is …true?

    if it’s true, then I’m just about done with wordpress, what a terrible situation!

    Do you know wordpress code is open to everyone to see and examine… your ‘confidential’ source may have a baised view towards open source…
    It just shit nothing else…. If this is true and your ‘confidential’ source have some code proofs to show then please do that.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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