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  • WordPress has a built in function to display a list of all of your site’s authors. But there is no option to display their avatars, so all you really get is a text list that links to the author’s page, if you have an author.php file in your theme, that is.

    thus turning the internet I found this nice tutorial with a little piece of code that seems to do the trick.

    On my site all users can write articles and list of contributors is long. It’s possible set 10 users for page ? thanks.

    Using this solution: Paginate result set from $wpdb->get_results()

    I did make my code for Authors list page template as follow:

    But every page-number link display only the authors list from 1 to 10, whereas the database have a list of atleast 50-authors. Please help me to find out the error and its rectification. Thanks a lot.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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