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    Hi, this is exactly what I’m looking for, thank you, but I need a list of posts only by ‘Author’ to be shown.

    I have several posts by ‘Admin’ (which I want to exclude) and several from ‘Contributor’ User accounts which I want to show, which use their own ‘Category’

    I’ve tried this shortcode in the page but nothing is listed:

    [ACT-list show=”Author”]

    Shortcodes for ‘Category’ and ‘Title’ work fine.

    Thanks in advance for any help!


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  • Plugin Author fmarzocca


    The shortcode [ACT-list show=”Author”] lists all the posts published by users with the “author” role. Pls check if your users are “Authors”.

    The admin is automatically excluded, unless you force the inclusion.

    Does the Category or Title list show the author on the right column?

    Check this page as an example of full use of the plugin.

    Plugin Author fmarzocca


    You should change your users role to “Author”, as “Contributor” does not have the publish_post capability, as per http://codex.wordpress.org/Roles_and_Capabilities

    Hi Fabio, ah! I don’t have any Users with ‘Author’ roles, so that’s why posts by ‘Author’ aren’t showing 🙂

    Yes, ‘Category’ and ‘Title’ lists show the author on the right, so its all working fine, thank you.

    This plugin will work for me if I change my User roles, but it would be useful to have a ‘Contributor’ role that the plugin recognises to restrict User privileges rather than allowing them ‘Author’ roles.

    That could be a feature request if you’re doing more work on the plugin.

    Thank you Fabio!

    You beat me to it, that’s what I’ll do, thank you!

    Plugin Author fmarzocca


    Hi Paul,

    yes I will include “Contributors” role soon in the plugin.

    Watch for updates!



    Thanks Fabio and thank you for the super fast help here.

    I’ll post a review of your plugin later.

    Big thank you again, great work!

    Plugin Author fmarzocca


    Starting with v.1.7, *all* user’s roles are included in the Author list.

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