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    First of all, I would like to thank you for this great theme. I’ve recently explored it and I liked it very much. I like Twenty Twenty too, but feature-wise this is better in my opinion.

    I have a small issue about the Archive Post Meta section of Customize. When I select Author for Post Archive, the theme shows the username only. However, I want it to show the Name of the user instead of his/her username. Is there a way to do this? Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards,

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  • Hello again,

    Now, I know that Chaplin is not Twenty Twenty, but unlike Twenty Twenty, it shows username as author name even if I select name of the user from WordPress user area. I don’t think it looks good. Can you please change it or give me a work around to change mine?

    Also, please fix new block styles of wordpress in Chaplin too. Some of them don’t work with Chaplin (like round image mask and seperator color) Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards,

    Any answer to my problem? I need to change the author link from username to name of the user on Chaplin. I’ve already selected name of the user as the display name on WordPress but Chaplin still shows username which doesn’t look good.



    Two weeks two days and not a single reply? Seriously?

    Thank you for respecting the spirit of open source and the quality of this theme that is offered to you for free.

    I haven’t seen you help anyone with any themes or plugins. Your comment and review are just shameful… So don’t expect any help from me …

    Alternatively, there are many paid themes with support

    LVJD, an happy user with Chaplin




    What is shameful is your attitude here. Apparently, you are unable to comprehend that this is a support forum, not a fan forum!

    Whether they know anything about theme design or not, whether a theme is free or not, everyone has a right to ask their questions about it and seek proper support for it here. If they don’t see it coming, they have all the right to criticize itin their reviews. So that, others may decide to use it or not. It is the whole point of reviews. If you can’t handle it, it is your problem.

    I am sorry, but unlike you, I am here to solve my problem with Chaplin Theme, not to argue with fellow users or deal with their biases. If you don’t feel like helping me, it’s okay. Then, I will ask you to go away, since I didn’t expect anything from you in the first place. But, I am not going to allow you to dictate me anything or to turn this support post to a meaningless arguement. If you want to argue with someone, just do it somewhere else, please!

    Thanks! Have a good day!


    Now, any nice person to help me with my problem, please?

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Forum Moderator and Brute Squad

    Excuse me @gokhandamgaci While I go way off topic. I’m not a theme support person just a forum moderator here. I’ll start with the other person first.

    This brought me here.

    @ljvd Your reply is not “respecting the spirit of open source” either. If you can’t say something nice then do not say anything at all. OK? I’m not making an argument here; your reply was inappropriate.

    I get that you are a “happy user with Chaplin” but this support topic isn’t a offence to the Great Honor and Integrity of The Order of the Chaplin Theme. Not everyone has to like a theme and this whole topic doesn’t have anything in it that warrants that reply from you.

    Now to the other person.

    @gokhandamgaci This part.

    Two weeks two days and not a single reply? Seriously?

    Yes. Seriously.

    Support in these forums is 100% voluntary. All support here is free from volunteers working on their own time for free. Sometimes support topics (not ticket, we do not have any tickets here) go unanswered. That’s fine. You are not a customer here, your a collaborator of open source code. In this case a theme. The theme author is not a company here. They’re volunteers who generously provided code for free and on their own time.

    *Drinks coffee*

    Don’t report any more topics. Don’t reply to the other user and I expect the other user to do the same.


    Thank you very much for your explanation. Obviously I am new here and this was my first support forum post here. Thanks for clearing things out.

    Regarding the other person, don’t worry I won’t go ahead and act immature like him. I reported his post, because he came here and tried to ruin this post by going personal and off-topic by calling me all kinds of names etc. (as I see from your link, he is still doing it in his other post). Since I couldn’t see any other report function, I didn’t know how to report his behavior otherwise. I felt that you may talk to him and prevent him to do it to the other people who may be new here like me, because it is not nice! So you did and thanks for that.

    Now, if it is okay for you, would you please remove all these last posts, so that this post can be stay in-topic and I may get help from possible helpful fellow users or the designer of the theme about my problem please? In fact, since my reaction to the late response was wrong too, only my original post can stay here. Thanks.

    Best Regards,

    Theme Author Anders Norén


    Hi @gokhandamgaci,

    Thanks for the feature request, and sorry for the delay in getting back to you. The output of the author name was changed to use display_name in version 1.1.13 of Chaplin, which went live earlier today, so I’m marking this topic as resolved.

    — Anders

    Hi @anlino,

    Thank you very much for the change. Sorry for the fuss here 🙂 Have a great day!

    Best Regards,

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