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[Resolved] Author in the Footer.

  • Is it possible to leave the author’s name (who designed a template) in a template in the footer in a permanent way? What I mean is that if it is possible to make the author’s link in the footer permanent or non-removable by the user of the template?
    Thank you.

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  • whooami




    Would be nice to have it in a future WP release.




    Would be nice to have it in a future WP release.

    it would be nice if I woke up everyday with an endless supply of money.

    There’s a better chance of my wish happening than yours. Your asking for something that’s nearly impossible. Files can be edited. end of story.

    You (generally speaking) want to share a theme, than you probably need to be prepared for folks to pick it apart, and remove crap. It is, after all, sitting on their web space. And if thats a problem for you, dont share it.

    Im not debating the good or bad of that, just stating reality.

    Lots of authors do try to do this, well generally the ones who rip other peoples work, then encode the credits so the user cannot change them..

    The thing that grinds me with doing this, is that the author gets free advertising, they’d usually be paying for.

    Author links should always be optional in my personal opinion, if you don’t want the link removed, don’t share you work..

    The moment you try and “force” something on a user, i’d be willing to wager the more likely they are to try and remove it..

    Got it. Thanks. So much for trying to be nice in this world.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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