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[Resolved] author, date on front page

  • First…apologies as a similar question was asked recently, but I have a slightly different query.

    We are using ‘recent posts’ for the content of the front page of the website. What I want to understand is how to include the author and other metadata (date, etc) under the post title on the front page. Using the code/example from the earlier question, the author/date are posting on individual posts directly under title once a user clicks and goes to the post page, but I would like to show this information on the front page of the website as well.

    I figure it is in the loop or commented out, but I am not having success thus far.

    Thank you,


    p.s. the post that asked about moving metadata directly under post title was excellent…am providing link for continuity for future users:


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  • Actually that previous question deals exactly with your problem 🙂

    On a single post view meta under the title is displayed automatically, and to show it on the index page, use that code sample.

    You gave me a good idea, perhaps I should leave code in the loop, but comment it out.

    In Tip 30 it says to uncomment out to hide metadata. Wouldn’t this hide what I am trying to accomplish?

    Commented out (default) should show author, categories on front page (but does not on my website).
    Uncommented should hide these things (which is opposite what I am trying to accomplish).

    /* Tip30 – Uncomment next CSS block to hide entry meta section (with author, categories, tags) in the Index page and archive listing. */

    .home footer.entry-meta,
    .archive footer.entry-meta {
    display: none;

    Tip30 hides meta below the post 😉

    But you’re right – I will make it more clear in the comment.

    which leaves the original question, how can i actually show metadata (author, date, category) with posts on the front page of the website?

    http://www.landscapeofus.com >>>no author/category/date with posts on front page.

    http://www.landscapeofus.com/garden/visit-frank-lloyd-wrights-fallingwater/ >>>author/category/date below title.

    From the previous link:

    In content.php add

    <div class="entry-meta"><?php tinyforge_entry_meta_top(); ?></div>

    right after the line #33 </h1>.

    Nice site BTW 🙂

    Is it automatic redirect to yoursite/garden after a few secs.?

    It is working thanks to your kind and patient assistance. Thank you so much…I can take it from here on this issue. Your theme is one of the best I have ever seen…clean, fast, well-documented, easy to adapt…I hope it is a great success.

    Regarding the site, thank you…it is a little bloated from work of the past couple of days (database needs repair, slider is great but maybe bogs things down, and i have major concerns about the sharing platform we are running); this will be optimized moving forward.

    Many thanks.

    Thank you for good words and encouragement!

    I can’t figure out how to remove the category, date and author under the post on the first page. I do not understand how to use Tip30. Thanks and I really like the theme but just hate that under the post.

    Just open style.css and search for “Tip30”.

    and you can delete that code in the comments below and put this:

    .home footer.entry-meta,
    .archive footer.entry-meta {
    	display: none;
    .site-content article {
    	padding-bottom: 12px!important;
    	padding-bottom: 0.857142857rem!important;

    Updated the code, there were couple of typing errors.

    Thank you for your super fast help !!!! Of course it worked!

    One more question – on my Photography page when you click on a photo it has the published date, size,etc at the top- how would I remove that?

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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