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  • Fairly urgent issue here … thanks for your help.

    Just tested this … and it happens consistently.

    1) User posts an entry (saved as draft).
    2) Admin approves post.
    3) User can then comment on their own posting and the comment IS NOT held for moderation.

    Is this design behavior?

    If not, what’s wrong?

    If there is no way to deal with this it could kill the use of WordPress at my school.

    Thanks, kj

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  • i am pretty sure that author comments on their own posts are not moderated.

    Thanks, that is what I have confirmed but I don’t understand why it would/should be that way.

    If an author edits an approved posting, it is then marked as a draft and effectively resubmitted for approval.

    If comments moderation is enabled, in my view, ALL comments should be moderated.

    I’m hoping there is an easy way to get this done, hack or otherwise, it’s mission-critical for us.


    Well, well… things go in a circle 🙂
    About 10 months ago I posted about the situation where I, the admin (and only author) of my blog have to “approve” my own comments —

    I am thinking probably some changes were introduced in this regard, and seemingly those changes affect all the registered users/authors.

    Thanks Moshu but are you sure that is the correct link? You’re not in that thread. 🙂

    Ok, so far we’ve confirmed all appropriate comment moderation boxes are checked, we’ve also even added single-letter strings into the ‘comment moderation’ box:


    But I logged in as a user (level 1) and commented on my own posting and it appeared immediately.

    Hellllllllllllllllllppppp!!! :#

    Oops, I deleted too much from the URI:

    Thanks Moshu, I tried that plugin (modifing the source code as indicated to force all comments into moderation) but it is not working. The site says to put some PHP in a file I can’t find so I don’t know what to do next. I emailed the author.

    Podz has been offering suggestions but so far we’ve not been successful. I am confident we will find a way to get this done! But if we can’t, I will have to temporarily disable commenting on our many blogs and then start investigating alternative blogging platforms for use in our school.

    It would be awesome to somehow allow ADMINs (or others of appropriate role level in a 2.0 install) to have their comments approved automatically, with all others not.

    We’re running 1.5.2 right now but will upgrade in a heartbeat if that’s necessary to solve this problem.

    Thanks, kj


    We must have 100%

    I am not a coder, but I’d look into the wp-includes/comment-functions.php at line 137 and edit the line 138 accordingly. I know that’s the line doing what you don’t want (= automatically approving the author’s comment AND the admin’s comments)… I just don’t know how to change it 🙁
    Maybe some good soul will give you a hand.

    Thanks Moshu, we are on 1.5.2, that file is different.

    Podz recommended deleting the code in question entirely. I tried it in one of my personal 2.0 installs and it did not work, but I will try editing it as you suggest.

    I can spell PHP, that’s about it. :/

    I’m off to disable commenting on our half-dozen or so blogs until this is resolved, and, I have no choice but to also begin looking at alternative platforms.

    It’s really, really REALLY going to SUCK if we have to ditch WordPress. I love this app. I just can’t deploy it in my K-8 school with this functionality.





    kjarrett: use the best tool for the job. If WordPress is not the best tool, so be it. Repeating how important this functionality is for you will not make a solution appear any faster. It may well be the case that few others share your opinion, and are unwilling to create the necessary solution. If it’s that important to you, an offer to fund development of the necessary plugin will likely generate more interest than repeated statements of how important it is.

    That being said, here is a quick WordPress 2.0 plugin I whipped up for you. It’s been lightly tested by me, but you’ll want to run it through the paces to make sure it works for you.

    When a logged in user tries to comment on a post that they wrote, the comment will be held for moderation. The only exception is if the post author has the “edit_options” capability (arbitrarily chosen, but should be adequate to ensure that admins can always comment, since admins should usually have this capability).

    This plugin comes with no warranty, and no support. If it doesn’t work, that stinks.

    Skippy, thank you, very well said. I totally understand where you are coming from and appreciate your assistance.

    Whether you believe me or not, I actually planned to “get professional help” tomorrow after I’d tried a few more things. The one benefit of repeated postings – and I was very cognizant of going overboard, sorry if I did – is that it keeps the thread at the top of the board, in the hope, as in this case, that a kind soul like yourself would stop by and step up. I haven’t tried the plugin yet, but, even if it doesn’t work, I hope you enjoy the Weird Al Ultimate Video Collection I just sent you … as a small token of my appreciation, if not for this, but for what have done for others as a WordPress developer.

    Podz, do you have a wishlist also? Or a Paypal addy? I’d like to throw something your way, too, for that round of emails we traded in the wee hours this morning. Thanks for the effort, it’s why I don’t want to abandon this platform, at any cost.



    Skippy, I can’t thank you enough. I just migrated a production blog to WP2.0 and applied your plugin. It works beautifully. I have 11 more blogs to upgrade and equip with your plugin today and it will be part of our base install from now on.

    Again, thanks.





    kjarret: cheers! I’m glad the plugin works for you. Thanks very much for the wishlist purchase!


    You’re welcome, Weird Al rules! 🙂

    Would you be so kind as to put a link to this plugin on your site? I would like to get the word out about this situation in the hopes it helps avoid exploitation by crafty students.

    I promote blogging in K-12 schools *CONSTANTLY* at workshops and professional development seminars and always recommend WordPress. If any other schools are using it for student blogs … and they have enabled comment moderation (as they should) … they’re in for a big suprise once students discover that they can post comments, essentially anonymously, if they know a fellow student’s username and password.

    I know many kids that share usernames and passwords regularly. Not all do it but it’s only going to take one situation to embarass a lot of people. Now, 100% content moderation with WordPress is a reality – and that functionality is crucial in a K-12 school environment.

    Thanks again,

    Kevin Jarrett
    Technonology Facilitator, K-4 | District Webmaster
    Northfield Community School

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