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  • Hi.

    I have setup my blog such that there are 3 authors who are able to write and publish their own posts, and an editor, who can access and edit all their posts.

    The problem I face is, my Authors (given ‘Author’ as Role in wordpress Users Setting) cannot add/change the ‘Edit Image Title’ field for an image added onto their post. What happens is, after the author adds the Image Title and Updates the post, the Image Title is not shown (meaning to say it is not saved).

    I (given ‘Editor’ as Role) is able to add/change the ‘Edit Image Title field for those images and is also able to save the changes.

    When the author returns to that post and if they Update the post, even without accessing and changing the image setting.. it seems that the Image Title which the Editor added to the image will be lost/removed as well..

    I tried changing the Authors Role to Editor just to test and there was no issue when they are given Editor rights. However, I do want them to remain as Author as I want to restrict them to their own posts.

    I am running on WordPress 2.8.6 and also tried testing on another blog of mine using 2.9.1 (same issue)

    In terms of rights allocation, an Author should be able to access their own posts and I believe, the media they uploaded too. And since Authors seem to be able to edit other setting on the image, I suspect it is a bug?

    I am considering using a rights control plugin like role scoper and see if I can somehow restrict authors from accessing other people’s posts but give them more rights to uploaded media (if its even possible..)

    I need the images to have titles as it is required for my lightbox plugin to work..

    I have tried searching online for posts with similar problem, but to no avail. Does anyone experience the same issue or know the solution?


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  • I found another thread identifying the same problem.

    I’m quite sure in my case, there was no plugin or theme conflict too, so it is probably a User/Role issue.

    If this is the case, is it supposed to function this way or is it a wp bug? I would think it is the latter.

    Anyone willing to test out on their blog to verify?

    Basically to test if
    -Logging in with a user with ‘Author’ Role
    -if you are able to add/edit the ‘Edit Image Title’ field.

    Thanks : )

    anyone encountered the same issue?

    I’ve sent a wordpress trac to report the bug here

    yes, same problem here, only with Author role using wp 2.9.2

    Same problem here, a bump for this issue.

    Hello there. We are still battling this issue in 3.0.3 but it seems the only accounts that can save the image title are the admin accounts.

    I have a quick and dirty solution for this now.
    edit the wp-includes/kses.php file
    in the allowedposttags array, scroll down to the image entry and add an new array element ‘title’=>array()

    here is my entry
    ‘img’ => array(
    ‘alt’ => array (),
    ‘align’ => array (),
    ‘border’ => array (),
    ‘class’ => array (),
    ‘height’ => array (),
    ‘hspace’ => array (),
    ‘longdesc’ => array (),
    ‘vspace’ => array (),
    ‘src’ => array (),
    ‘style’ => array (),
    ‘width’ => array (),
    ‘title’ => array()),

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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